Time Traveling Adventures with Brandy Pooh!


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Time Traveling Adventures with Brandy Pooh!

Cebu’s first young adult fiction novel is here!

Want to read an exciting adventure? Come join the adorable shih tzu-poodle, Brandy Pooh, as he takes on a magical journey in Janice Perez’s book “Brandy Pooh’s Time Travelling Adventures!”

The book is writer and filmmaker Janice Perez’s first fiction novel and was published by DCO publishing. This will be the first fiction novel written by a Cebuano writer.

The book starts off with our hero Brandy Pooh’s worries as he celebrates his third birthday. His humans aren’t celebrating his birthday like they used to and he feels like they won’t treat him as a puppy anymore now that he’s turning three years old. He accidentally stumbles upon a wooden chest and falls into it. The chest turns out to be a magical time travelling machine and from then on, Brandy Pooh begins his enchanted adventure!

The Brandy Pooh Book was launched last September 1 as “Brandy Pooh’s Time Travelling Adventures Book 1: The legend of the Fourteen Shih Tzus.” and is considered Cebu’s first fiction novel for young readers. Although it was written for young adults age 12-18, Brandy Pooh’s adventure is bound to be enjoyable for readers of all ages.

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Interested? You can grab a copy of the book for yourself from major bookstores nationwide or order one from DCO publishing’s website.

Purchasing a copy of the book also goes beyond joining Brandy Pooh’s journey. You will also be helping out other dogs like Brandy Pooh in Cebu City as DOC publishing will be donating part of the sales to the Cebu City Pound. This is part of the book’s advocacy to promote responsible ownership and humane treatment of all pets.

With the release of books such as Janice Perez’s “Brandy Pooh’s Time Travelling Adventures,” DCO publishing aims to promote and provide a globally competitive print and digital platform for local authors in Cebu and the Visayas.

How often do you get to support local authors, help out other dogs, and embark on a magical journey just by purchasing a book? Brandy Pooh’s Time Travelling Adventures is surely a bang for buck deal!

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