How Apollo Santos Built the Biggest Trivia Game in Cebu


What do you want to do today?

Slogos Night is a trivia game event in which people join in teams to answer random quizzes. Random questions are given in categories such as logos, history, science, and etc. These categories change every night, which makes it even more challenging. It’s a fun way to learn things while bonding with friends and family.

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Starting Slogos Night in Cebu

Slogos Night started in 2012 as a fun activity Rachel wanted for her students and was hosted by Apollo. From then on, they figured they enjoyed it and started doing it week after week. Now 6 years old, Slogos Night gains more and more players, showing no signs of stopping.

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Making Friends and Memories

Slogos Night isn’t just about learning something new or bonding with friends and family. A lot of people meet new friends through the trivia game event. In fact, Apollo says most of his friends are people he met through Slogos.

Apollo recalls a memorable Slogos Night event in Monkey’s Belly where his friends set up a surprise birthday celebration for him. As he was hosting the event, his friends took over and started asking trivia questions about him. In the end, they gave him a bouquet of talong (eggplant) which is his favorite emoji.

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Slogos Night is constantly improving itself with partnerships. Recently, they have partnered with Food Panda. Starting October 2018 they would be giving FoodPanda discount vouchers as prizes. Apollo also mentioned his plan to have an inter-school edition of Slogos Night in Cebu.

Slogos Night Schedule and Venues

As of now Slogos Night happens in the following weekly venues:

  • Tuesdays – Craft Café Bar, Banilad

  • Wednesdays - Yello Cube in Lahug, Cebu City

  • 2nd and 4th week of the month  - Monkey’s Belly, Capitol Site

  • Thursday- The Tavern, Zapatera

  • Friday – Handuraw Pizza, Mango Avenue

Stay updated on Slogos Night venues, themes, and prizes through their Facebook page at

To find out more about Apollo’s life out of Slogos Night and his journey of coming to Cebu from Zamboanga eight years ago in the full episode of Tribes Show below:

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