The Market by Sugbo Mercado is Cebu Foodie Heaven


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Cebu is a foodie’s heaven with great food options available at affordable prices. That’s why we love Cebu! The countless variety of food you choose can only be found in this city.

If you are planning a food trip in Cebu, one of the best places to binge is in food markets and food bazaars. The most famous food bazaar in the city is Sugbo Mercado, which recently opened The Market in North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City (just beside Cebu Westown Lagoon).

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The Market by Sugbo Mercado

The Market by Sugbo Mercado is a food bazaar that offer a wide range of options such as seafoods, Chicago-style deep dish pizzas, desserts, beverages, and many more. With 25 container vans in two-levels, The Market showcases different food options in one place. Most of your favorite food stalls also can be found at the market. So, come over and visit their hip pop-up food shops.

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Foodie’s Guide to The Market by Sugbo Mercado

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  • Tropic

    • Bestsellers: Mango and Best Combo

    • Best Combo: Strawberry mango, Strawberry banana, Strawberry guyabano, Mango banana, Mango melon, Avocado banana, Avocado mango, Lychee buko, Watermelon buko

  • Cribs

    • Bestseller: Mie goreng (Php 120)

  • Curry Point

    • Bestseller: Chicken Curry (Php 110), Butter Chicken (Php 115)

  • Vietnamese

    • Bestseller: Beef Noodle (Php 150)

  • Pina Coolada

    • Bestseller: Pina Colada (Mini Php 40, Regular Php 60)

  • Cheggys

    • Bestseller: Plain cheese Japanese Cheese Tarts (Php 65)

  • Joanna’s Halo-Halo

    • Bestseller: Special Halo-halo (Php 80)

  • Seabu

    • Bestseller: Cheesy scallops (Php 140)

  • Tokyo Street Ramen

    • Bestseller: Spicy Ramen (Php 120)

  • Jed’s Cheesesteak

    • Bestseller: Cheesesteak (Php 120 - whole, Php 85 - half)

  • Charred

    • Bestsellers: Pesto Pork belly (Php 99) Pork chop (Php 109)

  • Family Kitchenette Manok Bisaya

    • Bestseller: Manok bisaya (Php 395)

  • Hebrews Shebrews

    • Bestseller: Vanilla and Sea Salt Chocolate Milk Tea (Queen - Php 80) (King - Php 90)


Address - North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City (just beside Cebu Westown Lagoon
Opening Hours - Tuesday to Thursday 4pm-10pm, Friday to Sunday 4pm-1am
Phone Number: 0917 555 2563
Email address:
Facebook :
Instagram : @themarketbysugbo