Pole Dancing Essentials: Things You Need To Start Pole Dancing


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Pole dancing is a good way to develop your strength and flexibility while enhancing your self-confidence. But what do you need to prepare before getting into pole dancing?

In this episode of Tribes Show Phil Infantado from Pole Sphinx Cebu taught us the pole dancing essentials to get you started to pole dancing.

Pole Dancing Attire

Prepare to bare some skin as pole dancing requires you to have minimal clothing.

Come in a sports bra and spandex shorts. Contrary to popular belief, the pole dancing outfit is not just for aesthetics, to look sexy. It actually has a functional purpose: bare skin is needed to create friction that lets you hold on to the pole. If you wear too much fabric, you might just slip right off !  The usual pole dancing attire consists of the following:

proper pole dancing attire pole sphinx cebu.jpg

You should also make sure not to wear lotion to ensure more friction.


Pole dancing, like  any other dance or sport is bound to make you sweat. Make sure to prepare the following for sanitation and hygiene. We don’t want that sweaty smell in the studio.

Other than a towel to dry yourself off, you should also prepare one to clean up the equipment. Spray some alcohol on that extra towel to clean up the pole and crash pads before and after use.


Of course, you can’t pole dance without a pole. It is made out of chrome or stainless steel and a diameter of 45mm for grip.

It can either be the standard static pole or a spinning pole for advanced routines.

static and spinning pole.jpg


Contrary to popular belief, there’s more to pole dancing than just a pole. Check out the following pole dancing equipment!

- Mats

Mats are used for warm ups. These are available in the studio but you could also bring one for yourself if you want.

- Crash Pads

Advanced pole routines need you to be high up the pole in dangerous positions. For safety, crash pads are placed on the floor to protect you once you fall.

- Pleasers

Have you seen pole dancers wearing heels in their performances? Those heels are called “pleasers” and are made light but tough specially for pole dancing. They’re at least 5 inches high and won’t just fall apart from pressure as you climb that pole. Although it is not required, having a pair of these is bound to up your performance.

To check out more of the Pole Sphinx equipment for aerial arts such as aerial silks and aerial hoops, you can check the Tribes Show video below!

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