Smart Hack: GCs have no expiry date


What do you want to do today?

Next time you find an unused, expired GC that you totally forgot about, there’s good news: you might be able to still use it.

GCs, or gift certificates, have no expiry dates according to Philippine Law.

expired gift certificate cover.jpg

The GCs are already ‘good as cash’ according to DTI. GCs can be used with discounts (PWD or senior citizens) too.

The ‘no expiry date’ law has been enacted since 2012 although not a lot of Filipinos know about it: President Duterte recently signed a new law that updated the order--according to the Gift Check Act of 2017, it is illegal for businesses to release GCs that bear an expiry date. It is likewise illegal to refuse to honor the unused GC.

Some GCs can have expiration dates, such as GCs issued before 2012 (before the law took effect) or when GCs were given related to a promo or sponsorship.

If you find an expired GC and still want to use it, you can request to extend the expiry date to the business management. We have done this many times--in restaurants and hotels--and more often, they have agreed to honor the expired GC (just as long as the expiry date wasn’t too far along, such as one year.)

Happy shopping with your gift checks!

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