How BPI Energy Finance Program Can Help Your Business


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How BPI Energy Finance Program Can Help Your Business

Make Your Business Energy Efficient with BPI's Energy Finance Program

A common misconception in the world of business is that going green is an expense for altruistic or charitable purposes, a cash outflow for moral responsibility.

“We can’t afford to be green, it’s expensive.”


“We’re a small business, let the big companies do the green responsibility.”

The real truth is, companies can actually save millions of pesos by going green.

Let’s take a look at energy consumption, the major driver of business operational expenses.

Changing your light bulbs to LED

While LED light bulbs are more expensive initially, they have a long-term benefit for energy saving. Simply changing your light bulbs from the yellow bulbs to LED lights can save you up to 67% to 98% of your electric bill.

Upgrading chillers & air conditioning units

A scary statistic: Do you know that 70% of all power consumption in the Philippines is just to power air conditioning?

Given, we can’t change Philippine climate; nor can we stop climate change. Every year, it gets hotter and hotter--it would be unrealistic to tell you to stop using our air-conditioning.

One can also save millions of pesos just by upgrading our air-conditioning to include an inverter. This is a very pragmatic solution that everyone knows--but you would be amazed at how many businesses still keep their air-conditioners and chillers that are more than ten years old because they don’t want to invest in capital. By simply changing your air-conditioning to an inverter AC unit can save up to 50%.

Green architecture and sustainable design

One solution is to design buildings to be ‘green’--well-ventilated design, high ceilings, open air, etc.

Solutions even go beyond the physical building: once companies upgrade and embrace paperless, they can save so much money and at the same time be environmentally responsible.

BPI offers Energy Efficiency Financing Solutions

On October 22, 2018, BPI held a media roundtable at Seda Hotel at Cebu Business Park to discuss their Sustainable Energy Finance (SEF) Program. BPI is a pioneer in the world of finance, the first to provide the SEF Program for small, medium and large enterprises.

Under the SEF program, BPI supports businesses who want to make their businesses green in terms of Energy Efficiency.

This includes investing in green construction, architecture, or more energy-efficient machinery and equipment, such as lighting, ventilation, air-conditioning, chilling, etc., hence upgrading the new equipment in order to decrease operating costs.

The Energy Efficiency loans also include free Technical Consultation from technical experts and a risk-sharing facility.

SEF Program success story: BPI’s very own

jo ann eala BPI.png

Jo Ann Eala, Vice President of BPI shared a SEF Program success story, which was their very own story. The BPI organization wanted to walk the talk and audit their own company. They upgraded their chillers and on the first month they were able to save a million pesos in the energy bill. In fact, the one-million-pesos savings caught the energy company’s attention that MERALCO made a surprise visit to BPI’s offices to check the anomaly on their electric bill!

Turn your business green to gold

In the media discussion, BPI communicates that they are partners with businesses and the community. BPI helps businesses cut operational costs, create better outputs, and improve their bottom line; at the same time, BPI strives to help the environment by getting more businesses to think more responsibly for the environment.

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