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Uncovering Stories and Experiences


What is Tribes PH?

At Tribes PH, we uncover different stories and experiences in Cebu.

Even at today’s ultra-modern, digital world, our Darwinian brains are still looking for authentic, human connections. There is no better feeling than to feel like you belong--to be part a community, or ‘tribe’.  

Tribes are created based on common passions, activities or interests. Whether it’s a passion for tech startups, or a love for Japanese culture, or even the quest for the best cheeseburger in town, there’s always something for you.

Let’s discover the urban jungle of Cebu, one tribe at a time. xx

About the Show

Tribes Show explores different modern communities or ‘tribes’. Every episode has two segments: STORY, where we interview key people about their story; and EXPERIENCE; which provides a more varied and interactive experience for viewers.

The Tribes Show is available in both TV and podcast form: it is aired on simultaneous broadcast TV at Sky Cable MyTV Channel 30 (Visayas) and PARASAT Cable Northern Channel 28. Some episodes will be available in Podcast format on iTunes and Spotify very soon.


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