Sizzlin' Salsa Scene in Cebu


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Salsa nights are a lively and thriving scene to behold at in the urban jungle of Cebu. The salsa crowd draws an international, hip and young crowd of diverse nationalities.

How did the salsa scene start in Cebu and who started it all? We got the chance to talk with Cebu Salsa Club Founder Jilly Enriquez.


“I AM Not a dancer at all” - Jilly

Jilly started with a big confession: she was not a dancer. Growing up, Jilly wasn’t exposed to dance, and wouldn’t call herself a ‘dancer’ per se—but she was a voracious reader.

Reading led Jilly to travel; and travel led her to discovering salsa—which was not the kind of scene she expected at all. When she came back to the Philippines, she realized that the scene is non-existent, so she decided to start it herself.



When Cebu Salsa Club and Salsa Nights started in 2011, there were only 3 or 4 men in the city who could dance.

If I had an idea it would be that hard I wouldn’t have started it at all

Indeed, even if it was a lot of fun, it was also a lot of hard work, Jilly admits. But she is essentially thankful for the help of mentors and support from the community that got her going.

Now, the social dancing scene is thriving in Cebu, and is now held three days a week at Maya Mexican Restaurant: Salsa Wednesdays, Bachata Fridays and Kizomba Sundays. All nights play the three types of dances.

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Jilly is no neophyte in jumpstarting things. In fact, apart from Cebu Salsa Club, Jilly is also the one behind Volunteer in Cebu and Cebu Booze Cruises as well.

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