The Pole Dancing Tribe in Cebu with Pole Sphinx


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Pole dancing is graceful, beautiful and sexy. But there’s also a lot of misconceptions attached to it.

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In the third episode of Tribes Show, our host Rachel Arandilla talks with Phil Infantado from Pole Sphinx about Pole Dancing.

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Phil started out as a pole dancing student as a hobby while he was working as a full-time ESL teacher. He got so into pole dancing that he spent more time at the gym compared to his actual job. When Phil’s instructor asked him whether he was interested to teach pole dancing, Phil immediately grabbed the opportunity and quit his day job.

A few years later, Phil now owns his own studio: Pole Sphinx in Cebu IT Park. Phil also gets the luxury to travel around the world and work as a dancing instructor. He joined several workshops and even won a competition he joined in Singapore. He has been doing pole dancing for 6 years now and has set up his own studio.


Pole dancing has a lot of wrong misconceptions attached to its connections to strip clubs.

Pole dancing has had a rich history and actually started off as sports and acrobatics in China and India.

In fact, pole has gone a really long way: it is now on its way to becoming part of the Olympics!

Do you need a gymnastics or dancing background to try pole dancing?

Pole dancing is now a way to build your self confidence, but a lot of people still shy away from pole dancing believing that you have to start off strong and flexible or at least have a background in gymnastics or dancing. But in reality you can start by just learning the basics and foundations of pole dancing. You develop strength and flexibility along the way.

Is POLE easy?

Pole dancing is not easy, but neither is any sport or discipline. As long as you start out and be consistent with it, you’re bound to see results!

CLOSE KNIT Pole Dancing CommunitY

Having a supportive community, pole dancing can be your way to gain new friends. The pole dancing community is sure to cheer you on as you go through the same struggles along the way. You’re bound to make new friends with over a hundred people into pole dancing and aerial arts in Cebu!


Interested ? Pole dancing is not the only thing that Pole Sphinx offers! You can also try out Aerial Silks, Aerial hoops, Flexibility Classes, and Sexy Heels choreography.  

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