Vintage Cars Drive Around Cebu for 5th Tour of Cebu


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Do you guys have vintage cars at home or have seen one from your grandparents? These cars may seem like frail chunks of metal in comparison to the modern cars of 2018, but you’ll be surprised how far those things can go! In Tour de Cebu historic rally, those cars can race for 1000 kilometers!

Image Source: Erwin Lim

Image Source: Erwin Lim

Inspired by the Mille Miglia vintage car endurance race in Italy, vintage cars as old as 1972 take on the endurance race with routes in Cebu and Bohol. The event started last 2013, Tour de Cebu is now on its 5th year.

5th Tour de Cebu

The event was organized by a premier car club for exotic car owners and collectors, Performance and Classics Enthusiasts (PACE) of Cebu. It was initially brought on by their passion for vintage cars, but eventually evolved into a huge event. Now they have contestants from as far as Madrid and Singapore.

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Vintage car enthusiasts often take years just to get their cars roadworthy, most of them paying extra just to ship their rare spare parts from overseas. The vintage cars are loaded on a roro on the way to Bohol where they take on the endurance race.

Driving the cars itself is quite challenging as they don’t have the features and stabilization that modern cars have nowadays.

Image Source: Dennis Bersales

Image Source: Dennis Bersales

Facing difficult terrain, weather, and technical difficulties, only a few cars make it to the finish line. The organizers take on heavy preparation in order to ensure the road- worthiness of the cars and the safety of the car drivers in case their cars break down half way.

Despite all these difficulties, driving vintage cars is exciting for anyone seeking the thrill of the analog feel! You not only get to test the endurance of your vintage cars, but also view the beautiful touristic routes in the rally.

The experience is so good that some big names in Cebu participate in the event such as renowned designer Kenneth Cobonpue, ophthalmologist Dr. Yong Larrazabal, businessman Michael Lhuillier, and social entrepreneur Illac Diaz among others. More and more car enthusiasts participate in the event every year.

The organizers are aiming to have the touristic rally all over the country and this year is Tour de Cebu’s last year in Bohol.

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There are still no hints on where the next Tour de Cebu will be but you can check out their Facebook page at for updates.

If you are seeking to appreciate the analog feel of vintage cars or perhaps just want to appreciate the taste of history in vintage cars, then Tour de Cebu is definitely something you definitely want to see.